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The images in this piece are arranged within a column that merges the sky and sea, branches, air and light. Birds move freely within the column as a species that thrive on water, land, and in air. Their movements are fleeting and often we only get a passing glimpse of their presence and activity.

In an atmospheric inversion the sky becomes cloud, and the sea fuses to it in one seamless event. Sun and air continuously shift to create changes in density and light.

The piece explores these aspects of light and the avian landscape from the sea to branch to air. The cable system is designed to hold the individual images in serial context vertically and across space, and represent moments in time, like the individual frames of movie film.

Inversion suggests the existence of space and habitation beyond the frame, while at the same time limits experience to the density and texture of image itself, as held in place by its architecture.

Edward Batcheller
May 1, 2012

From the show 'Conference of the Birds'  Cynthia Reeves Projects
Glass, Photo emulsion, stainless steel, aluminum
12' x 5' x 5'